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Business Consulting

DeVito & Co., LLC

Sound Advice That Delivers Sound Performance

DeVito & Co., LLC 's business management consultants practice what they preach. Many of our consultants are former senior industry executives. They are experts at providing strategic, financial, performance, and organizational advisory services to private and public companies across a variety of industries.

Our history of industry experience gives us a distinct advantage, providing us with a unique understanding as we assist our clients in making decisions that affect growth and profitability.

Companies benefit from bringing in a fresh, objective perspective backed by expertise in their particular function or industry.

DeVito & Co., LLC’s consultants offer the following business consulting services:

Management Consulting

DeVito & Co., LLC's consultants work with your management team to develop and implement growth and profit strategies that create breakthrough performance improvements. By defining strategic objectives that drive top and bottom line growth, we can link each objective to actionable items that ensure success.

Whether your goal is to enhance revenue performance through changes in sales processes, territory management, or customer service processes via CRM, our value is measured in process and profit improvements. DeVito & Co., LLC can show you how to grow using tested methodologies in the following areas:

  • Activity-based costing and management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Business process re-engineering (BPR)
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Policies and procedures documentation
  • Product profitability and unit cost
  • Productivity improvement
  • Revenue acceleration
  • Supply chain management and improvement


DeVito & Co., LLC helps clients achieve business goals by increasing revenues, reducing costs, and ultimately improving profits. This is accomplished through the implementation of two core consulting programs, the Revenue Acceleration Program and the Cost Reduction/Productivity Improvement Program. Both programs increase the return on investment (ROI) that companies place in their people, process, and technology.


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