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What do you need from your business tax accountant?

Extensive resources and experience? Personalized service? A fee structure that’s reasonable, easily understandable, and delivered with no surprises tacked on at the end of the tax cycle? Dedicated and talented accountants who don’t burn out after each busy season and leave their firms in search of greener pastures? Experts with a broad and deep understanding of tax law and all its implications?

DeVito & Co., LLC understands that in today’s business climate, you need a significant level of commitment, service, and expertise from your business tax accountant. To meet that challenge, we partner with your organization at every phase of the accounting or auditing process.

DeVito & Co., LLC provides proactive and personalized hands-on service. We are committed to helping our clients navigate ever-changing tax laws and compliance issues in a cost-effective, time-efficient, and resourceful manner. We have the proven expertise and experience to create focused solutions for all of our clients’ taxation and auditing challenges.


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