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Mergers & Acquisitions

DeVito & Co., LLC

Strategic, Value Increasing, Efficient

Companies with a clear and defined M&A strategy greatly increase their odds of making the right deals. Our services maximize a deal's value ratio while minimizing risk exposures for the stakeholders. Whether a company is buying or selling, DeVito & Co., LLC offers the clear, unbiased insight needed to make the right deal time after time.

Our dedicated Mergers, Acquisitions & Transactional Services team creates value by understanding your unique transactional needs. We don’t just confirm already known facts; we present information that is relevant to you. We deliver top-tier quality service, and we do it efficiently and effectively throughout the entire transactional cycle.

Transactional Due Diligence

DeVito & Co., LLC provides both buy-side and sell-side transactional due diligence services. Our experienced professionals utilize a comprehensive set of proprietary tools to provide clients with a tailored engagement. Each business attribute is carefully analyzed on both a stand-alone and deal context basis. The highly disciplined approach of our due diligence team identifies unseen opportunities and potential risk exposures, maximizing value for our clients.

Buy-Side Due Diligence

DeVito & Co., LLC helps improve the M&A process for buyers by stringently evaluating targets. Our professionals utilize proprietary tools to custom tailor a cost-effective analysis of a company, not only presenting how a company generates cash and performs on financial and non-financial measures, but also exposing possible risk, unseen costs, and operational weaknesses. Before the deal, many assumptions are made about a target. Financial due diligence on the buy-side provides a comprehensive review of a company's current health, thereby enhancing the purchaser's understanding of the target. Aspects of buy-sell services include a review of historical financial performance, quality of earnings analysis, identification of potential tax liabilities, validation of maintainable earnings and future cash flows, working capital analysis, identification of potential hidden liabilities and costs, and normalization of earnings. In addition, our due diligence professionals can serve as an integral part of the deal team by assisting with and understanding the financial ramifications of deal structuring and operational issues.

Sell-Side Preemptive Due Diligence

As a seller, far too often deals are greatly affected by unexpected findings during the due diligence process. Whether these findings result in a purchase price adjustment or a broken deal, many times the negative ramifications can be mitigated by knowing ahead of time what a buyer may find. DeVito & Co., LLC’s sell-side preemptive due diligence services focus on issues relevant to even the most scrutinizing purchaser. Sell-side due diligence provides an in-depth analysis on the financial condition of the company being sold, and can aid sellers in securing a higher price for their business by adding more control over the sale process and reducing the sale cycle.

No matter what side of the deal you are on, DeVito & Co., LLC is always on your side.


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