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Real Estate

DeVito & Co., LLC

Experience that Translates to Results

At DeVito & Co., LLC, our Real Estate Services Group delivers both the highest level of technical excellence and a commitment to client service. Each member of our multi-disciplinary team of professionals has years of practical industry experience specifically focused on the challenges and opportunities encountered throughout the real estate industry.

What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to help you identify the appropriate solutions to these, and any other, major concerns you may have as you continue to build a successful organization. We offer:

  • A unique, integrated approach. Our Real Estate Services Group is comprised of a team of partners and senior managers to ensure you will receive experienced, hands-on attention to all of your accounting, tax, and consulting needs.
  • A full spectrum of cutting-edge consulting services. These include property management and operations, financial analysis, market risk assessment, financing and structuring, and information technology.
  • A depth of knowledge. Our experts have a deep understanding of real estate organizations, the industry trends and challenges, and the special concerns of the individuals within these organizations.
  • A commitment to clients. We build strong and meaningful relationships that provide an advantage for all of our clients through our understanding, knowledge, industry-wide relationships, and recognition as leaders within the profession.


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